IT Director

Planning and executing corporate IT strategy. Managing computer systems, networks, and security. Managing hardware and software deployments. Protecting sensitive information and system-crucial data. Managing applications and their security. Assessing IT risks. Managing disaster recovery. Calculating the costs of IT systems and potential security risks. Developing IT security policies that cover data access, devices, incident response, and other issues. Working with other professionals to implement technical upgrades and mitigate potential risks. Creating IT guidelines.

Web Developer

Writing code in several programming languages such as HTML, XML, PHP, or JavaScript. Developing new applications and websites. Designing the architecture of the applications or websites. Designing and developing applications or websites. Quality assurance (QA) testing and troubleshooting the applications or websites. Fixing bugs or problems on running websites or applications.

Mediation Software Engineer

Understand networking principals and customer charging and provisioning processes. Actively participate in design, implementation and configuration of mediation requirements. Act as the contact for mediation subject engineering team and interpret business and marketing requirements to necessary mediation actions. Provide execution and mediation assurance functionality. Perform software testing for mediation scenarios.

Webmaster and Photo Services Administrator

Build functional and easy-to-use website. Test websites across browsers, operating systems and devices. Maintain, configure and troubleshoot servers. Ensure site security by setting up firewalls and login pages. Optimize loading speeds and capacity. Debug pages and fix broken links or images. Update website content and review SEO. Monitor and analyze site performance (e.g traffic, conversions). Address user complaints.

Network Administrator and Network Security Supervisor

Configure network hardware such as servers, routers, and switches. Upgrade, repair, and maintain computer networks. Troubleshoot various network issues. Assist network architects with the design of network models whenever needed. Deploy and update company-wide software. Manage servers and operating systems. Implement security measures. Manage physical and cloud network storage.

Broadband Internet, Telephony and Satellite services support agent 1st & 2nd level

Support clients having problems with Internet (dial up / broadband / satellite), telephony (VoIP and POTS) and PayTV services.

Linux Servers 96%
Linux Servers
Windows Servers 90%
Windows Servers
cPanel 90%
Plesk 90%
Bash 90%
mySQL/mariaDB 90%
Domain Names 90%
Domain Names
WordPress 95%
PHP 95%
Networking 90%
Wireless LANs 90%
Wireless LANs
Mail Servers 90%
Mail Servers
VoIP 90%